Daniel prophesied that war was going to happen in the Last Days. Jesus also said that there would be wars and rumors of war. These prophecies coupled with many other prophesied events happening everywhere and increasing in intensity should quieten the skeptic, but they’re not.

The president called out president Assad of Syria, for using chemical weaponry on his own people, including children. Russia and Iran (Gog and Magog?) who are friends of Assad are angered. North Korea continues building ballistic missiles and testing them. We’ve sent warships to North Korea and negotiated with China to keep Kim Jong Un from inciting war through nuclear arms production. War ships are on the way there and China is threatening to bomb their nuclear bunkers as well. War and rumors of war abound. Is the new administration a hero or narcissist power monger?

Damascus is being turned into a ruinous heap right before our very eyes, which could very well be the fulfillment of Isaiah 17 and the war spoken of in Psalm 83.

The U.S. Embassy may be moving to Jerusalem. Isis, with help from Iran, is advancing on Israel, while some in Israel are intent on building the third and final temple. A practice sacrifice was recently offered close to the western wall recently with over one thousand in attendance, something that is commemorated every year. The difference this year, a lamb was used for an actual sacrifice.

All around the world people are using their smart phones to videotape strange sightings and sounds in the skies. Witches and would be witches are springing up everywhere, some trying to put a hex/curse on the president. Homosexuals, transgenders, and transvestites rule the day, with other special interest groups backing them up. Black lives matter, the Klan is attempting to make a comeback, law enforcement killings are out of control, all of it spins the chaos.

Isis is terrifying the world and seems unstoppable. Outside the church walls unbelievers are going mad, becoming paranoid and committing suicide because of fear of what’s coming upon the world.

Pedophilia is on the rise. There isn’t much difference between statistics of those viewing pornography among non-churched as there is among Christians.

Divorce is prevailing even in Christian circles and is on par with the rest of the country’s divorce rate. All the while, well respected church leaders are falling because of adulterous affairs. Televangelists with the prosperity gospel continue to rob millions from their gullible followers.

In the meantime, the falling away from the Church is happening, especially in England, Canada and the U.S.A. Mosques are popping up where churches once stood. Sharia law is being propagated in various parts of our country. Muslims are taking over everywhere they set foot.

The Muslims who are already here have no intention of assimilating into our Judeo-Christian culture and many of their leaders are demanding Sharia law in places like Dearborn Michigan while Lansing, continues to be a sanctuary city. Muslims are also making demands in Minnesota. Public schools in some places are teaching young students how to worship Allah in class. In New York City the body of the first female Muslim judge was found floating in the Hudson River today.

Persecution of Christians in other lands continues rising, with Christian men, women and children being slaughtered; this while we here in the United States live a life of plenty without a care in the world. We need to wake up and smell the coffee. But from the look of things we may live to see these atrocities reach our shores; and it may already be here waiting to strike. It is said that there are over forty radical Islamic compounds in the United States and more on our north and south ready to move when the time is right.

As big and strong as our country is it appears to be crumbling from within; there are various reasons for this happening. First is the apostasy taking place within in various Christian denominations, and then come the apathy and/or complete spiritual blindness of many others. We have built our houses on sinking sand. We only desire the acquisition of money and things it will buy.

Some may be anticipating the persecution of the Christian church and are getting out of dodge while they still can. But these are the ones who only came to play church and never took these spiritual things seriously anyway. On another front some church leaders are saying that everyone goes to heaven. But Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father but by me.” No shades of grey in those spoken words by the King of kings—Jesus.

There is so much demonic possession taking place that the Catholic Church has been recruiting exorcists. Fear of what individuals are facing drives individuals to look for greater power that begins with drugs, alcohol, and chemical abuse and it can culminate into demonic possession.

Pestilence and disease is rocking our world. Everywhere you turn, you hear of this disease, or somebody fighting different types of illnesses, some new and others making a comeback! Aids, Zika and sexually transmitted deceases are rampant around the world already with 42 percent of Americans infected with the papillomavirus.

Movies have become more violent, sensuous, and vulgar. People are fascinated with death themes and driving ratings to highs. The gay agenda is promoted and marketed through movies and sitcoms. Devil worship is made to be no big deal. Witches, sorcery, war, violence, promiscuity, foul language is viewed as normal.

Technology is incredible and a curse at the same time. Our world is hurting and about to burst.

Seeing all these things happening we would have to be blind, deaf and dumb not to think that these are the last of the last days. Sadly, there are those that are blinded to the time we live in!

There ARE people in parts of the world already praying the prayer, come quickly Lord Jesus!

Truly, look up your redemption draweth nigh, is a fulfillment that is soon to take place!

During the end time, we have the promise prophesied in Joel 2:28, discussed in Acts 2, God will pour out of His spirit upon all flesh. It’s happening around the world! Its time as Apostolics that we rid ourselves of every weight that would hinder our experiencing every bit of His power in this end time!  God is coming soon!

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  1. Katie Hawthorne says:

    Praise God for ur ministry and thank u for speaking the truth. I am looking for a book of yours about ridding souls of demons. I would like to purchase it. I am an apostolic who attends a church in Shreveport,la and we are facing them with rapid growth. Many of our members know nothing of the battle that Is coming and we need tools from one who has experience and holiness. Thank you for responding asap to my request for info on your books

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