Keith Fletcher


UPCI Ordained Minister, Full-Time International Evangelist, LA District UPCI Evangelists CoordinatorIMG_1217

From the time that Keith can remember, he was called to ministry. Even though he pursued secular vocation, there was never a day that went by that he didn’t think of his calling. He learned the hard way, the call of ministry is without repentance, and it wasn’t until he gave himself to his calling that he understood complete peace, joy and God’s rest in his life. Through this hard-knocks education, Keith relates to life’s struggles.

Keith has been blessed with many individuals that have played major instrumental parts in steering him to the place he is at today.

A father that was rock solid in Truth and his belief in God! A prayer warrior mother that evangelized for a short successful period of time, given a dream at the birth of her son (Keith) that he would continue the ministry she started never gave up on her dream and prayed it into being even when it seemed it would never happen!

It started as a child with Pastor G. A. and Vesta Mangun, the passion of souls, the call of eternity in every service, the many different Sunday school teachers that taught vitally important biblical doctrinal fundamentals.

A Wednesday night meeting with parents and Pastor G. A. Mangun determined he would attend ABI (Apostolic Bible Institute, St. Paul, MN). He attended one year and made friendships that have lasted a lifetime and he continues to be blessed by these peers friendship and their ministry.

It continued with Pastor Anthony and Mickey Mangun inspiring more energetic passion, instilling a mentality to not settle for a second best Christian lifestyle, but to strive to acheive the best that could be accomplished in the kingdom of God to His glory and credit!

Moving to Monroe, LA attending the United Pentecostal Church of Monroe pastored by Rev. Danny Chance and Rev. G. E. Chance kept the call burning using him in different teaching positions. In Monroe he married Melissa Credeur.

Job transfers moved Keith and Melissa to Lake Charles where they attended Apostolic Temple pastored by Dr. M. D. and Rev. R. D. Treece. Keith began assisting in designing media visuals for Apostolic Temple prophecy conferences. Keith is blessed to have Rev. R. D. Treece as his prophecy mentor and highly values the imput he receives.

Another job transfer moved Keith and Melissa to the Shreveport/Bossier Louisiana area. They began attending The Pentecostals of Bossier City pastored by Rev. Jerry Dean. Not long after moving to Bossier, he met with Pastor Dean and was encouraged to pursue his ministerial calling. Rev. Jerry Dean has been a major component in input, counseling, advise, and direction to Keith and this ministry. A great debt of gratitude is owed and he honors Rev. Jerry Dean as his Pastor and authority covering.

Keith is an ordained licensed minister with the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI), and evangelizes full-time travelling extensively throughout the United States, as well as to other countries including Canada, England, Ireland, Ghana, Togo, Benin,  Nigeria, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. He has seen many individuals filled with the Holy Ghost, healings, miracles, as well as experienced mighty powerful moves of God! God has blessed this ministry and he gives God the glory, honor, and praise! This ministry is all about God and extending His kingdom!

In November 2015, Keith was asked to step into the Evangelist Coordinator role for the Louisiana District. This role is helping him realize another dream fulfilling, that of helping young aspiring ministers in their pursuit of ministry. Starting with the “CALLED Conference” he works toward impacting end time revival through others as God opens doors for this pursuit!

Keith pursues the will of God, prays that His steps are ordered of the Lord, is passionate about fulfilling God’s call on His life for such a time as this!


Keith is married to Melissa and blessed with a son Brayden, two daughters Toby and Courtney and two grandchildren, Marlie and Mason!

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