Keith Fletcher Ministries services brings to your congregation evangelistic, updated, relevant, informative, end time themed messages to provoke individuals to higher consecrations and deeper relationships with Christ.


Evangelist Keith Fletcher follows the leading of the spirit in a service seeking to be sensitive to God’s will. He has experienced many individuals delivered, set free from addictions, receive their healing, miracles, the baptism of the Holy Ghost and renewals during his ministry. Much of his messages contain a thread of end time although he also is used in other ministry as well.


This is a short altar workers seminar conducted during mid-week service or an evening before TTC services begin. We discuss the basics of altar working, the importance of moving to the front after a message has been given, the conditions for receiving the Holy Ghost, becoming a counselor to help an individual to position themselves to receive the Holy Ghost and the ease the Holy Ghost should be received if all the conditions have been met.

This is good for any of your members that you rely on to work in the altars, that you want working in your altars or its a great mid-week study.


Greater than any other time, it is imperative that the saint of God is knowledgeable regarding the dominion and authority that has been won for us. We can live victorious lives in the knowledge of understanding the power we have through the Holy Ghost. This ministry seeks to equip the saints with knowledge tools against the adversary that seeks to steal, kill and destroy, but that is already defeated, we simply have to exercise our authority!


Solid basic teaching on the end time walking through the highlights of the apocalypse, heaven, hell, and the millennium. Normally this teaching is conducted when asked by a pastor to do so during revivals. For example, during mid-week for those that are interested with evangelistic end time services on the weekend.