One of the things that I wish I received more of is praise reports!  It is so wonderful to hear what God does for individuals.  Below is reports of healing, deliverance, and prayers that have been answered and we give God glory, honor and praise!

If you have a praise report, please submit it by filling out the PRAISE REPORT FORM!

Hospice Twice to Healed

Last year he had his 31st surgery, and almost did not make it through the surgery and was really bad for months after. I was even on hospice, twice, but evidently God had other plans. I remember you praying for me just before the surgery or right after. Thank you so much for your prayers. I’m happy to report that I’m doing good, so good that I went back to work in March 2016.  I was off of work for 5 years. My weight is almost back to normal. I feel pretty good for the most part.

Spots Disappear

A lady with a history of cancer had spots that her doctor told her needed removed. We prayed for her on Sunday, on Tuesday she went to the doctor for him to determine the procedure. They did more test, the spots were gone! She had received her healing.

Numbness Healed

A  lady that had surgery that went wrong and she had lost feeling in the top of her head and below her chin. When we prayed, instantly she regained all of her feeling.

Attempted Suicide

Attempting to commit suicide and failing, the lady on that Saturday morning in a fog drove to work, a few hours later was handed a flyer inviting her to revival services that evening and the next day. After work she went back to her hotel she was staying determined to accomplish what she had failed at that morning. She reached in her purse to pull something out and she pulled out the flyer inviting her to service. She looked at it, said I’m going to go, God if you are real, I need to know, if I don’t find an answer I’m coming back and finishing this!

She came to service, listened to a message explaining this hour and the enemies goal pitted against humanity, understanding came and she said later with tears rolling down her face after receiving the Holy Ghost speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance, now I understand, for the first time I understand what it is all about! She was baptized in Jesus Name a few minutes after that!

YES, God is still filling people with the Holy Ghost, He is still setting free, we are part of the Apostolic culture that started at the Day of Pentecost that, has not changed! God is still the same yesterday, today and forever!

Delivered From Addiction

He had been strung out on drugs for years, she for months. Raised in an Apostolic church leaving home for the party life, finding each other, then living together. On a weekend during revival services, they give in to parents imploring them to attend That day after a message describing the messed up world they themselves were deeply involved in, she was renewed, he received the Holy Ghost for the first time. Today, both of them are involved in church, free of drugs and their former promiscuous party life! Jesus Christ is our Redeemer, He lives, and reigns… our God is greater than any demon, devil, or spirit that is against us!

Delivered From Possession

She sat in the service tormented by spirits of evilness that possessed her. The story was told later, she came determined to be set free. Preaching ended, the struggle began as she made her way to the front with a friend that had invited her. Fighting through the demonic hold, she denounced the enemy that possessed her, declaring that Jesus Christ was Lord and Savior, prayer went forth binding the enemy loosing her from its grip, invoking the Name of Jesus Christ over her as the spirit of evilness broke and left, she was delivered. She was baptized and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Jesus sets the captive free, frees the one bound, mends the broken hearted, and saves the sinner. God is merciful and His grace abounds!

Note: the entertainment world has made it cool to be possessed, see TTC article “Possessed: The New Cool.”

Healed Foot

The little girl 4 or 5 years old was handed to me during an altar service, the power of the Holy Ghost was falling and God was pouring out His Spirit in a mighty way! Her foot had been run over by a vehicle several days before and she had been unable to walk since. Several of us, gathered around her and prayed for her. She began to want to get down out of my arms, without thinking, I put her down and she ran to her grandmother without a sign of any hurting, limp, anything! God had healed her foot!

Healed of Throat Cancer

A lady in a service asked us to pray for her. She was scheduled the next morning to have a tumor removed from her throat. The entire congregation prayed. The next morning the doctor began the surgery, closed her throat back up, there was not a tumor to be found. He showed the family the x-rays again, telling them, you see the tumor here, but it was gone when we opened her throat up, there is no tumor! That is what God is doing in these last days!

Healed of Cancer and Migraines

Two ladies in a service each receiving chemo cancer treatments were prayed for and the next week from prior scheduled checkups received cancer free reports. In that same service, a lady told me after we prayed for her, for the first time in 16 years she felt a coolness in her head instead of a migraine headache! In these last days, God is showing His power abundantly throughout this world!

Jehovah Jirah our Provider!

The elderly man and lady went home with an anointed handkerchief we had prayed over. On a fixed income, they faced desperate circumstances. From unexpected bills they had less money than what they needed. They were literally facing no money for groceries and gas for their vehicle, etc. He laid his wallet on the dresser, placed the anointed handkerchief over the wallet, and they prayed a simple prayer before going to bed asking God to intervene. The next morning early, they received a phone call from a man in another state they hadn’t heard from in years asking if they were going to be home that day, if they were he wanted to visit them. Several hours later the man walked in the door, handed them a check for several thousand dollars and told them he felt like they needed it. God does hear and answer our prayers!

He Hears

In the middle of the night he was awaken with a tremendous burden for his daughter that he hadn’t seen or heard from in several months. In the early hours of the morning travail broke out, standing in the gap for her. The next day, he received a phone call from her. When he asked her what had taken place at the approximate time that he was awaken, she broke down and began crying, she had been thrown through an upstairs window but was able to grab the ledge and hold on until someone else pulled her back to safety. God hears the prayers for our children, even when dysfunction of drugs, anger, hatred, and demonic attack has ripped families apart, He is still in control regardless of the anti-God spirit that seeks to destroy all of those around us into the abyss of deception!

We Prayed, Pain Left

In many services, we have been led by God’s spirit to pray for individuals that are in pain. We pray, and pain leaves! It’s that simple because that is the normal thing to take place in the Apostolic environment of the book of Acts Church! This is not arrogant, just normal! It is God that does it, God that heals, saves, and sets free. We simply need to take Him at His Word and believe that it will happen!