Pastor Talk

Pentecostals of Bossier City
Bossier City, LA

Evangelist Keith Fletcher has applied himself diligently to study the difficult subject of prophecy and the end times, and how it relates to current events today. The time he has given to research this subject and to build powerful PowerPoint presentations has been well spent. The Lord annointed this man t help awaken saints and sinners alike to the soon coming of the Lord. I often tell the young ministers in our church that the highest compliment a pastor can give to you is to invite you back to minister in the church a second time. I have noticed that Bro. Keith is frequently invited to return to places where he has ministered. I praise God for the wonderful way the Lord is using this ministry to reach lost souls. This ministry will prove to be a beautiful blessing to many, many people.

– Pastor Jerry Dean

New Chapel United Pentecostal Church
Collins, MS

Bro. Keith Fletcher is very knowledgeable on the subject of prophecy and stays updated on current events. His presentation of Bible Prophecy will bless you and your congregation. Your congregation will be convicted, stirred, and revived. You will see new converts come into your church as a result of this presentation, because the anointing of God is upon Bro. Fletcher and his ministry.

– Pastor Rodney Bankens

Grace UPC
New Roads, LA

Myself and the congregation at Grace UPC in New Roads was tremendously blessed by the anointed ministry of Bro. Keith Fletcher. I have attended several prophecy conferences but never have I experienced anything like this. Every service was evangelistic in nature. This was not a conference about prophecy, it was revival services about the end time. The presentation was easily understood by children and adults alike. After the Sunday morning message about hell, a 9 year old girl went home and began witnessing to her agnostic uncle. Our church experienced people receiving the Holy Ghost and several healings. I would recommend Bro. Fletcher to any pastor wanting to see their church inspired, motivated, and changed by the power of God.

– Pastor Michael L. Cole

United Pentecostal Church
Winnsboro, LA

Bro. Keith Fletcher gives a fresh approach to prophecy as he ties current events with the Bible in his Things To Come prophecy conference. We were truly stirred and blessed in each service as God moved with conviction and power. I sincerely appreciate Bro. Fletcher’s dedication to this awesome subject as we approach the end time. We were truly touched by the prayer towels, the anointing, the expectancy, and the power of God! GOD BLESS YOU BRO. FLETCHER! KEEP REACHING FOR SOULS!

– Pastor Floyd Hawthorne

Truth Tabernacle
Middletown, OH

From the very first service Bro. Fletcher hit the ground running with messages such as: What Time Is It? Things To Come. The Gathering Storm. The Apocalypse Escape Plan. Bro. Fletcher preaches with passion to reach the lost as well as stirring the hearts of the believer with a fresh vision of Things To Come.

– Pastor Daniel Hidlebaugh

Nigeria, Africa UPCI

Evangelist Keith Fletcher and team were with us in Nigeria. His End Time Prophecy seminar was a spectacular success and our Nigerian pastors have made repeated appeals to me to invite Brother Fletcher back to Nigeria. Brother Fletcher has a unique ministration combining a multi-media presentation with anointed teaching and preaching that really touches the heart of the people. While he was with us several received the Holy Spirit and many were baptized including 8 trinitarian ministers. The chairman of the largest trinitarian Pentecostal minister’s forum in Nigeria was present at one of Brother Fletcher’s presentations. He would later comment to the congregation at large that truth was delivered and those present should take heed to what they heard. This was a ringing endorsement from someone who in the past had been quite an adversary to the UPCI.

– Rev. Gerald McLean

Apostolic Temple
Lake Charles, LA

Bro. Keith Fletcher a presenter of prophetic subjects using current events with a wealth of Biblical backing. A believer in the imminent return f Jesus Christ before wrath. A returning of the remnant of Jews to “This Same Jesus.” A millennial Kingdom of Peace and Eternity of Holiness.

– Pastor R. D. Treece