Evangelist Keith Fletcher’s has travelled internationally ministering in Africa, Asia, Canada, England, Ireland, and Israel. His oversees ministry has included the African bush, conferences, minister conferences, camp meetings, crusades, and revival services. He has witnessed many filled with the Holy Ghost and many healings!

The experiences on foreign soil always leaves one thankful and humbled by the sacrifice that missionaries have made leaving the comforts of America, they have left the comfort of family, and the familiarity and love of home church congregations to live many times in less than satisfactory conditions driven by a burden for the lost in a country that is enveloped in the darkness of deception.


Evangelist Keith Fletcher is ministering in many North American Mission congregations throughout America.

These families are missionary hero’s on American soil. Leaving many times the stability of solid structural support of church family, some have travelled across the nation to settle in unfamiliar places, but with a calling from God that cannot go unanswered. These individuals weather storms of attacks from the enemy of depression, fear and doubt holding on to faith and trust in God that He really is making a way where there is no way. It’s easy for these families to feel isolated, alone, frail, and fragile. A sponsored revival weekend is a big deal to these congregations!


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